About the Artist–Charlotte Reichman

My preoccupation with the artistic qualities of my environment have been present for as long as I can remember.  An innate appreciation of aestheticism was the impetus behind my own desire to create…it’s a way of being that feels natural and authentic.  Whether it be the line of a ballerina’s torso, the composition of a painting, the texture of a fabric, or the design of an evening gown, the visual elements of the artistic world captivate my imagination, leaving me feeling inspired and impassioned.

I would definitely describe myself as a mixed media artist. I use a wide variety of mediums, some of which include: acrylics, oils, oil pastels, Copics, gold-leaf, mica powders, ink, charcoal, fine-tipped Sharpies, fabric, up-cycled vintage jewelry, vintage Swarovski crystals, raw brass chains and findings, agates, and beads of all kinds. I don’t restrict my use of mediums in any way…I use whatever I feel will capture the look I’m trying to create.

My living space…

A living space is much more than a space to live. It represents a visual narrative of your life…who you are, and who you aspire to become. The collections you’ve curated. the art you’ve hung, the paint you’ve chosen, all of these visual points of interest say something about your design aesthetic. .

A practice I find especially rewarding is creating what I refer to as “art walls.” Put simply, an art wall is a thoughtfully arranged grouping of pieces that are not only visually appealing, they carry a meaningful sentiment. I might combine paintings, sketches, textiles, beads hanging from a hook, photographs, or vintage china dishes.

Ranging from “precious” items to old post cards, the goal is to create an installation of sorts–an artistic display that tells a story, . Various collections of art are scattered throughout my home. From a design perspective, I tend to combine mid modern pieces with rich, fanciful antiques.

Directly below are some images of my bathroom walls. This project was rather laborious, but I am thrilled will the outcome. Essentially, I collected my favorite images, printed them, laminated them, and then arranged them to cover the walls. This idea was inspired by a powder-room I saw in a favorite book of mine. The home was owned by one of the great artistic geniuses of our time, the late Karl Lagerfeld, former head designer for the houses of Chanel and Hermes.

Above and to the right is a wall of art I carefully put together. Some of the pieces are mine–the fashion sketches are done by a favorite artist of mine by the name of Tanya Ling.

Above and to the far left is a corner of my living room–that yellow chair was a gift from my dad. The mid-modern shape is a perfect contrast to the detailed art surrounding it.

Below and to the far left is a “scarf necklace” I made. The crocheted flowers (all made by hand) I purchased from a woman while visiting a market in Istanbul,. I sewed them onto fabric and made the tassels to add a bit of movement to the piece.

Above is a necklace I created using vintage lucite cabochons from Japan—I drilled holes in each and sewed them onto vintage fabric from the ‘70s. The other adornments are from a vintage bracelet that I took apart and repurposed.

32 C Tiffany Place
5700 5th Ave.
Pittsburgh PA, PA 15232

Above is all jewelry I’ve made–with over 100 pieces completed, finding ways to keep them neatly organized has been no easy task. The tangled web seen here is clear evidence I have yet to keep things as organized as I’d like to.

Above is a section of my living room–designing one’s interior space is a constantly evolving process. I frequently find myself moving pieces around, especially as the seasons change.

Above is another view of my living room. The large porcelain vase is a cherished antique given to me by my grandfather. Below and to the left are prints of some of my pieces–the originals were given as gifts to friends and family members.

I began collecting costume jewelry, vintage beads, stones, and crystals about 15 years ago. I love treasure-hunting, discovering these little pieces and offering them new life brings me such joy–plus, they’er just so pretty to look at :).

Above and to the far right are wall hangings I created out of vintage obi belts from the 1930s–I love the combination of orange and gold. To the left of the wall hangings are original paintings of mine.

Below is an image of me dancing in the “The Vault”, a light instillation created by the brilliant artist Ian Brill. As both a mentor and dear friend, I am forever grateful for his guidance and support.

Above I’ve displayed a collection of antiques I adore–some were inherited, others are pieces I’ve collected over the years. I am a big fan of Fenton glass–a handful of my favorites can be seen in this image.

Some recent creations…